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Cyber Security Portfolio - cyber range

What we offer?

BME provides enterprises with customized and cost-effective Security Solutions and Services from TCG Digital that is both technical and strategic. Thus protecting its clients with the most appropriate solutions for their specific security challenges.

TCG Digital has a commercially available state-of-the-art hybrid cyber range (one of very few globally) for testing cyber-security products, network resiliency and capacity building

About Cyber Security Portfolio of TCG Digital

TCG Experts review SOURCE CODE of websites to detect threats and vulnerabilities. In-depth security testing from outside and within a client’s network ensures NETWORK SECURITY. PENETRATION TESTING enables Web-based applications and infrastructure to be tested for advanced and persistent security threats to help Enterprises understand and reduce their security risks.

SECURITY COMPLIANCES help define guidelines for configuring and executing system security. TRAINING AND CERTIFICATION Workshops and seminars held across the globe train individuals on how to use the web responsibly, safely and securely.

CONSULTING SERVICES are offered to clients with compromised systems or those requiring specific answers to their cyber security problems. TCG Digital’s security experts offer advice on the best practices and solutions to tackle security challenges.

A comprehensive range of Cyber Security solutions is provided in the following areas:

  • IT Security Products Research and Development
  • IT Security Auditing & Consultancy
  • Standard & Regulatory Compliance and Framing Security policy
  • Security Infrastructure Management
  • Security Training & Certifications
  • Strategic Security Consultancy
  • Managed Security Services
  • Cyber Forensic Analysis & Investigations
  • Vulnerability Assessment

What is a Cyber Range?

A cyber range is really nothing more than realistic environment that is used for cyber technology development and cyber warfare training. Cyber technology development applications might include network performance evaluation, application performance evaluation, security development and verification and product assessments and bake-off to name just a few. Training applications on the other hand include flag exercises, cyber competitions and red, blue, white team training exercises.

The word range in the term cyber range is military wording for a typical targeting or kinetic range where you can send troops to hone their fighting skills with a variety of realistic well-planned exercises that may include interactions with guns and ammunition, tanks, war planes, war ships, and soon. In that manner, the war fighter is able to train as they would fight.

Similarly, a cyber range provides your network and IT technology personnel with a realistic platform for training related to network attack and defense scenarios, mimicking real-world scenarios in the lab so that they too can train as they would fight. Cyber range training focuses on how to evaluate situations and apply the correct policy/configuration for specific real-life attack situations.

It’s probably fairly obvious why militaries want to train their cyber assets. They need to ensure that their mission-critical war-fighting infrastructure performs adequately in a time of war. This holds true for all pertinent elements of wartime architecture, from the radio- equipped soldier on the ground, to command and control elements, to various service elements, and the often times extraordinarily complex networks in between.

It’s not enough just to make sure that things work. They also have to be resilient against attack for an enemy who might be hell-bent on disrupting mission-critical infrastructure. Many companies are realizing a bit late in the game is that this is not applicable just to militaries and governments, but these scenarios are actually playing out every single day around the world, in everyday life, and in private industry. Even in modern “peace times”, state-sponsored attacks are prevalent. Our connected world is under constant attack from criminal organizations, activists, and rogue nation states.

A cyber range enables training with real-world, physical and virtual services and networking, such as:

IT Services

  • Virtual machines
  • Microsoft servers
  • Microsoft server applications
  • Linux and UNIX servers
  • Database applications
  • Authentication services

IP Networks

  • Routers and switches
  • Security devices (firewall, IDS, IPS)
  • Application optimization (SLB, proxy, etc.)

Critical Infrastructures

  • Simulation of a real power-plant, water system, train system, airport, etc.
  • SCADA – a protocol used for critical systems communications, not only IP

Who needs a Cyber Range?

In today’s world, practically every organization needs one. No one is immune to cyber attacks and breaches. If you have a significant online presence, an attack that causes your services to go down even for short periods of time can cause tremendous amounts of lost revenue. Perhaps reaching into the hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars of loses for certain industries. If you were on a closed network serving public infrastructures such as a power grid, a water treatment plant, a hospital and a USB-introduced or mobile-phone-introduced piece of malware infects your systems, people could die.

If your business relies on virtual private network, a VPN technology for your day-to-day operations for a diverse workforce across a nation or around the world, and a network attack scenario degrades or brings down elements of your VPN architecture, you’ll wish you had trained for the eventuality in a cyber range environment before it hit.

If you’re an oil company whose critical databases are adversely modified or destroyed by a cyber attack affecting your ability to ship your product or to drill, then you will absolutely wish that you had analyzed that eventuality in a cyber range environment to have been able to effectively mitigate it ahead of time.

If you’re a service provider and you can’t handle or mitigate a massive-scale botnet aimed at your network by heavy-handed nation, state, or political entity, your customers, their service level agreements (SLAs), and their business bottom-line are impacted.

If you are a network equipment manufacturer (NEM) and your hardware fails or performs exceedingly poorly under a targeted attack, not only will your customers be in an uproar, but you will almost certainly be held accountable and that will pave the way for more competition to emerge in the shadows and take business right out from under you.