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dry-block temperature calibrators

What we offer?

Budenberg Middle East offers wide range of Dry-block Portable Temperature Calibrators from world renowned manufacturers like Techne Calibration (Cole Parmer) and Eurotron for calibration of temperature sensors and instruments from -40°C to 1200°C. 

Tecal140F Low Temperature Calibrator

The Tecal140F is light-weight and portable field Dri-Block calibrators from Techne. This model operates from 45°C below ambient (typically -20°C) up to 140°C

Tecal425F Medium Temperature Calibrator

The Tecal425F operates from 5°C above ambient to 425°C and reaches maximum temperature in 12 minutes. This portable unit has a temperature accuracy of ±0.3°C

Tecal650F High Temperature Calibrator

The Tecal650F covers the temperature range from ambient +25°C up to 650°C. Temperature accuracy is ±0.4°C and a uniformity within ±1°C throughout the full range

UCal 400+ Portable Dri-Block Calibrator

The UCal400+ provides a safe, dry and constant temperature source from 5°C above ambient up to 430°C using a machined aluminum insert block as heat

TM Series Marine Dry Block Calibrators

TM series portable temperature Calibrators fast and cost effective calibrators designed specifically for marine industry with DNV approval, cover range from -24°C to 650°C.

PTB Series Dry Block Calibrators

PTB series is the top of the range multifunction Dry Block Calibrators offered by EiUK- It comes in 3 different models to cover range from -50°C to 1100°C

PLB 150/250 Portable Liquid Baths

PLB series portable liquid baths are stirred liquid baths suitable for calibrating temperature sensors from -32 to 250°C. They can be used as Infrared Calibrator

EasyTemp High Precision Thermometers

The Hand-held high precision EasyTemp series thermometers measure 14 type thermocouples, mV, 12 type RTDs, ohm or both. They are lightweight and easy to use

SRS Series Reference Probes

SRS thermometers are for use as working standards in Dry Blocks or Temperature Liquid baths from -50°C to 650°C, also supplied with Digital Indicators