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Budenberg Middle East was established 2011 in Dubai to provide local services to customers in the middle east and CIS countries. Apart from the products from Budenberg Gauge, Budenberg Middle East also represents world renowned manufacturers in the Middle East for Calibration Instruments, Field Instrumentation, Cables, Research & Laboratory instruments.

We supply products from the strongest manufacturers worldwide which include Pressure Calibration Standards (Dead Weight Testers, Pressure Test Gauges, Pressure Calibrators and Pressure Test Kits), Electrical, Temperature & Process Calibrators, Field Instruments, Temperature Sensors, Cables, Heaters, High Temperature Furnaces, Microfluidic Flow Control Systems, Accelerating Rate Calorimeters, Centrifugal Mixers, Nano Pulverizer, and Vacuum Syringe Charger. 

By knowing what we sell, we support each product and provide Consultancy, perform training, commissioning, and continued communication with end users to ensure the products are fully utilized. We provide consulting services for setting up Calibration Laboratories which includes Lab design, supply, Installation, Commissioning and Training. 

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Dead-Weight Testers

Pressure Standards

Budenberg has been in the manufacturing of Primary Pressure standards & Calibration Instruments for more than 90 years. Budenberg Dead Weight Testers and High Precision Pressure Test Gauges are a symbol of Pressure Calibration for Calibration Laboratories and Industries worldwide. Available up to 4000 bar.

Special Application Testers

Portable Testers

Budenberg is a pioneer in manufacturing Special Application Testers for Well Head Gas and Riser Pipe Pressure Testing. The Portable Testers are available for up to 2000 mbar in Diff.  Pressure and up to 40 bar in Gauge Pressure. Laboratory type Diff. Pressure Tester is up to 4000 mbar with 200 bar line Pressure.

Industrial Gauges

Pressure Gauges

Budenberg manufactures Classic & Premium Range pressure gauges designed to meet the high quality of process industry, Diaphragm gauges that protects delicate instruments from harsh process fluids such as strong Acids, Alkalis and Slurries, Differential and Special application Gauges for typical applications.

Manifolds & Valves

Valves & Manifolds

Budenberg manifolds and Valves are recognized as a symbol of quality. We offer full range of Gauges and Valves for a wide range of process and engineering applications. An extensive choice of options can be fitted to any standard unit whilst fully customised units can be manufactured. All Valves are individually tested.

Electrical & Process Calibrators

Electrical Testers & Process Calibrators

Budenberg Middle East offer Electrical Test and Measuring Instruments from Time Electronics Ltd, UK. Time is manufacturing Electrical and Process Calibration equipment for more than 55 years. The product range includes multifunction calibrators, decade boxes, electrical calibrators, process calibrators, Pump Kits & Test Benches.

Temperaure & Pressure Calibrators

Dry-blocks & Pressure Test Pump Kits

Budenberg Middle East offers Temperature Calibrators, Dry-blocks & Liquid baths, and Pressure Test Kits and Calibrators manufactured by Eurotron Instruments UK Ltd (EiUK). The company was established in 2005 and is now one of the leading manufacturers of pressure test kits and temperature calibrators.

Temperature Baths

Dry-block, Liquid and Fluidised Baths

Budenberg Middle East offers Techne Calibration product range which includes Dry-block Calibrators, Liquid & Fluidised calibration and heat treatment baths. Techne also manufacture industrial fluidised baths to remove residues from plastic extrusion tooling. Now, a part of Cole-Parmer group of companies.

Centrifugal Mixers & Pulverizers

Centrifugal Mixers and Pulverizers

Budenberg Middle East offers Planetary Centrifugal Mixers, Planetary Centrifugal Vacuum Mixers, Centrifugal Solder paste Mixers, Vacuum syringe charger and Nano Pulverizers manufactured by Thinky Corporation, Japan. The company was founded in 1971 AND is a leading brand for Mixers and Pulverizers in the world.

We work with the best

Apart from parent company, Budenberg Middle East represents manufacturers of well repute in the Middle East for Calibration & Test Instruments, Process Calibrators, Muffle Furnaces, Centrifugal Mixers, Pulverizers, Vacuum Syringe Charger and Accelerating Rate Calorimeters.

Consultancy & Training

With over 30 years experience in the Test & Measuring Instruments, BME experts offers Consultation and Turnkey Solutions. We aim to understand customer requirements and provide them with a one stop solution for Supply, Installation, Commissioning, Training & after sales.

Accredited Calibration

We offer third party UKAS Calibration Services for Dead Weight Testers, Test Gauges, Multifunction Calibrators, and other Electrical and Process Calibrators from world class UKAS accredited laboratories. NABL Calibration is also available on Temperature Sensors, probes and Calibrators.

After Sales Support

We believe in Human-to-Human service and offer regular support to our customers. As and when required, a refresher training courses are organised in a classroom environment in our premises to ensure best use of the instruments. We keep stock of essential spare parts for Dead Weight Testers.