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techne fluidized temperature baths

What we offer?

Budenberg Middle East offers Techne precision fluidized baths for calibration laboratories for calibration of thermal sensors from 50°C to 600°C and industrial fluidized baths for thermal cleaning.

Precision fluidized baths contain dry, insert aluminium oxide particles – a safe and clean alternative to conventional liquid systems and salt baths.

Precision fluidized baths are used in calibration laboratories for thermal calibration of temperature probes – particularly useful for irregularly shaped sensors which cannot be calibrated in Dri-block® calibrators or liquid baths.

Techne precision fluidized baths cover the range from 50°C to 700°C

The SB range of fluidized baths offers a safer alternative to the dangers associated with high temperature oil and salt baths.

These units are designed to be bench or floor standing and only require an electrical and air supply for operation. Air passes through the mass of the aluminium oxide (Alundum) particles via a porous plate in the base of the unit separating the individual particles and suspending them in free air, giving the properties of a liquid bath.

Heaters are fitted within the bath which allow temperatures of 500°C to 600°C to be maintained. Both models in the SB range feature a stainless-steel inner container insulated from the outer wall, a safety air pressure switch to protect against loss of air pressure and also a thermal cut-out.

It is highly recommended that the TC-9D temperature control unit is used in conjunction with these baths, greatly improving temperature stability and accuracy. See TC-9D link under “Further Information” on the left of this page.

Replacement Alundum (course, brown aluminium oxide) see “SB and BFS Accessories”

To replace alundum lost through normal operation and removal of items from the bath. Accept no other substitute as performance and functionality cannot be guaranteed with third party suppliers.

Technical Specification

*      Please note that the alundum must be ordered separately, it is no longer included with the product

Weight of Alundum required:

SBS- 4 (230V) including overspill flange but excluding alundum – 25 kg

SBL- 2D (230V) including overspill flange but excluding alundum – 50 kg

The FB-08 Precision fluidized bath has exceptional temperature stability and uniformity making it the ideal choice for critical temperature calibration and heat treatment processes. 
These Fluidized baths have become the markets preferred choice for carrying out shape setting (heat treatment processing) of Stents from Nitinol wire in a safe, precisely controlled and uniform manner. Platinum/tungsten products are now also being processed successfully. 
With lower running costs they are a safer alternative to salt baths giving much better results than with conventional ovens. These units offer fast temperature immersions as the fluidized alumina behaves like a liquid. 
These unit are suitable for many other applications including thermal testing of sensitive components such as semiconductor devices, wire product testing, delicate transducers and they may also be used as a constant temperature environment for chemical reactions.

When used with the optional Probe holder accessory for comparison calibrations of temperature sensors the stability and uniformity are better than 0.010°C in dead bed mode.

Dust Suppression System (Optional Accessory)

The Dust Suppression System FFB08DS1 accessory (optional) enables the FB-08 user to bolt-on a probe holder and chimney assembly thus sealing the FB-08 and making it suitable for use in a calibration lab where airborne dust must be avoided.

The user is then able to insert temperature probes for calibration purposes, whilst all aluminium oxide is fully contained within the bath. This accessory also allows silent running of the FB-08. The integrated chimney contains a filter in the upper section and a small exhaust pipe right at the top to prevent pressure build-up. The FFB08DS1 is the best solution for calibrating probes in a fluidized bath within a calibration laboratory.

Technical Specification

*      Please note that the alundum must be ordered separately, it is no longer included with the product

Standard Unit:

FB-08 Fluidized bath with Temp Controller with 1-point Calibration certificate

FB-08C Fluidized bath with Probe Plate, Temp Controller, Auto Airflow and Calibration certificate

Designed to improve the temperature stability and temperature setting accuracies, the TC-9D is a self contained unit compatible with the SBL-2D and SBS-4 Fluidized Baths*.

The unit is supplied complete with a chromel/alumel Type K thermocouple which fits into the pocket in the SB baths.


  • Integrated air flow control via valve and air flow meter
  • On/off mains switch
  • Precision 3 Term PID temperature controller with included type K thermocouple
  • Easy switching between degrees F and degrees C
  • Two set point programming
  • Single point offset/calibration correction
  • Top cover label with chart for air flow settings
  • Uses quick disconnect fittings to accept 9.5mm diameter tubing for air supply connection
  • Compatible with discontinued Techne fluidised bath models (SBL-1 and SBL-2)
* The unit includes 2.4m of 9.5mm tubing, Type K thermocouple, plug for connection to the Fluidised Bath and an instruction manual

Techne Industrial Fluidized Baths (IFB) are widely used for thermal cleaning by polymer manufacturers to remove plastic residues from extrusion tooling components, systems and parts quickly, safely and without damage to the tooling.

Techne IFB contain dry, inert aluminium oxide (alundum) particles. In a fluidized state the alundum becomes mobile, with similar properties to a liquid – although freezing, boiling and evaporation are eliminated. Fluidization evenly distributes heat for excellent thermal stability.

Techne IFB are an effective, safe, clean and environmentally friendly alternative to oil, salt, ultrasonic and molten-metal baths. Industrial fluidised baths are also more effective at cleaning than ovens, furnaces and blow-torches and have none of the associated risks of damage to expensive steel tooling.

Techne IFB are widely used for cleaning dies, tips, breaker plates, spinnerets, nozzles, extruder screws, tools, manifolds etc. Techne have also supplied hundreds of companies who extrude plastic tubes, rods, sheets, films, electrical cables and wires.

Techne offer 6 sizes of IFB ranging from 5L to 64L working volume at temperatures up to 600°C. Techne IFB can also be used as large uniform heat sources for heating reactor vessels.

After years of success, plastic manufacturers have come to depend on Techne fluidized baths for safe, efficient and cost effective cleaning of tooling, components, systems and parts (dies, breaker plates, nozzles, tools, tips, spinnerets, extruder screws, manifolds, etc.)

IFB’s will remove almost all polymers, including plastic, paint, epoxy, rubber and adhesives, as well as other hydrocarbon-based products such as oils, fluids, grease, lubricants and coatings.

Parts immersed into the fluidized bath are cleaned by the high temperature (up to 600°C) environment within a bath media of fluidized aluminium oxide that instantly starts to degrade plastic to carbon, which then leaves the bath as CO2.

This instant heating and minimised quenching gives shorter cleaning times than with conventional ovens, and with the even and consistent heat of the bath, results in greatly reduced metal fatigue and tool damage.

Techne offer 7 models in the Industrial Fluidized Bath range. The baths can be fluidized with either compressed house air or an inert gas such as nitrogen or argon.

It should be noted that fluidized baths and the action created in the aluminium oxide is not abrasive to items immersed for normal cleaning or heat treatment times. Typical cleaning times range from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on bath loading, temperature and amount of material to be cleaned.

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Other Applications

The excellent thermal performance of Techne Industrial Fluidized Baths make them a good choice for basic heat treatment, test and calibration as well as reactive analysis.

Some of these applications include tempering, annealing, Nitriding, distillation, curing, exothermic and endothermic reactions, and thermal analysis of devices, components and materials.

To replace sand lost through normal operation and removal of items from the bath. Accept no other substitute as performance and functionality cannot be guaranteed with third party suppliers.

Technical Specification


  • IFB-51 and IFB-52 have flowmeter for manual and repeatable airflow control.
  • IFB-101, IFB-111 and IFB-121 are available with manual or automatic airflow control.
  • IFB-131 is only available with automatic airflow control.
  • IFB-201 is only available with manual airflow control.
  • Techne supply extraction fans and cyclones to separate fumes from alundum carried in the exhaust stream.
  • Please note that the alundum must be ordered separately, it is no longer included with the product