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Budenberg 4000 bar Dead-weight Tester

Budenberg has introduced a new 4000 bar Dead-weight Tester BGH4000, the latest state of art. This replaces old 4000 bar model 283. The base features a high pressure screw-press which allows for low pressure priming and high pressure control. The base incorporates high pressure hydraulic connections and pipework, connected to a gauge stand which uses Budenberg’s standard high pressure cone-joint connections. The … Read more

Time 5025C Series 2 Multifunction Calibrator

The 5025C Series 2 is a multifunction calibrator that provides a wide range of precision outputs for the calibration of electrical test tools, meters, and various types of measuring devices. It combines performance and functionality with simple operation, making it suitable for calibration laboratories, workshops and on-site test facilities. Functions include AC/DC voltage and current, digital frequency, … Read more

Budenberg Pressure Gauge for HV Power Cable

Watertight Pressure Gauge for High Voltage Cables .Budenberg has redesigned Watertight Pressure Gauge for High Voltage power cables. Watertight HV cable Gauge has to continually operate in the remote severe environments where robustness coupled with repeatability is paramount. Available in 4” (100mm) and 6” (150mm) dial sizes, these are designed to meet any international and … Read more

Budenberg New Portable Dead-weight Tester

This is a compact Hydraulic (Oil) Dead-Weight tester for producing low pressure up to 40 bar (600 lb/in²) to calibrate pressure gauges, pressure switches, pressure transmitters etcetera. The tester base is fitted into a weatherproof case for portability and ease of operation. The BGH600 Portable Dead Weight Tester is a fully self-contained primary pressure standard for … Read more

Budenberg Dead Weight Testers

It has been brought to our notice by our esteemed customers that one of the well renowned  multinational companies sales staff and their agents are spreading false rumours about “Budenberg” and its Calibration products. Budenberg Gauge Co Ltd is a 100% privately owned UK company and is part of the UK Company Budenberg 4B Group Ltd. … Read more